ERP using 64bit Window

   Accessing ERP using Windows 64 bit (Windows 7 & 8)

Follow the following steps to install JInitiator (for accessing ERP) with 64 bit Windows systems (Windows 7 and Windows 8):

  1. Download the oajinitinstaller-64bit zip file here
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Run the Command Prompt As Administrator, and then execute the SETUP.BAT

Internet Explorer will run with just those steps, however if you want to run it with Mozilla Firefox, additional steps need to be done as follows:

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox version 48, 32 bit (Firefox’s version higher than 48 cannot be used with ERP). You can download the installation file here.
  2. Disable Firefox automatic update: Open firefox browser then click Open menu -> Options -> Advanced -> Update and select “Never check for updates (not recommended: security risk)”.
  3. Open Firefox browser and type about:config as URL. Find out the entry plugins.load_appdir_plugins, and right click it, then choose Toogle to change its value from False to True.
  4. Create the folder “plugins” under C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\
    Copy file C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\NPJinit-11816.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\plugins\ folder

(Note: You may want to check that now plugin Oracle JInitiator has been installed by opening a new tab and type about:plugins in the URL)