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 IP Phone Quick Guide
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To place a call, pick up the handset and dial a number. Or, try one of these alternatives.
Redial the last number
Press the Redial softkey.
Dial on-hook
1. Enter a number when the phone is idle.
2. Lift the handset or press one of these: a line button, the Call softkey,
the speakerphone button, or the round Select button in the Navigation bar.

New Call indicators:
– A flashing red light on your handset
– A flashing amber line button
– An animated icon and caller ID To answer the call, lift the handset. Or,
press the flashing amber line button, the Answer softkey,
1. While on a call, press the Mute button . The button glows to indicate that Mute is on.
2. Press Mute again to turn Mute off.

To divert calls please contact Helpdesk at helpdesk@ait.asia.

Forward All
To forward all calls please contact Helpdesk at
1. Press the Hold button . The hold icon appears and the line button flashes green.
2. To resume a call from hold, press the flashing green line button or the Resume softey.

1. From a connected call (not on hold), press the Transfer button .
2. Enter the transfer recipient’s phone number.
3. Press the Transfer button or the Transfer softkey (before or after the recipient
answers). The transfer completes.

Call History
View your call history
1. Press the Applications button.
2. Select Call History. (Use the Navigation bar and round Select button to
scroll and select.)
3. Select a line to view. Your phone displays the last 150 missed, placed, and
received calls.
4. To view details for a call, scroll to the call and press the more softkey,
then press Details.
5. To return to your call history, press the Back softkey. To exit the
Applications menu, press the Applications button.
View your missed calls only
1. View your call history.
2. Press the Missed softkey.
View your placed calls only
Press the up arrow on the Navigation bar when the phone is idle, with all menus
Dial from your call history
1. View your call history, or navigate to your missed or placed calls.
2. Scroll to a listing and lift the handset, or press a line button or the Select button.
To edit a number before dialing, press these softkeys:
more > EditDial.

The Volume bar is located to the left of the keypad.
– To adjust the handset, headset, or speakerphone volume, press the
Volume bar when the phone is in use.
– To adjust the ringer volume, press the Volume bar up or down.
– To silence the phone when ringing, press the Volume bar down one time
(pressing multiple times lowers the ringer volume).
1. Press the Applications button .
2. Select Preferences. (Use the Navigation bar and round Select button
to scroll and select.)
3. Select Ringtone.
4. If necessary, select a line.
5. Scroll through the list of ringtones and press Play to hear a sample.
6. Press Set and Apply to save a selection.
Screen contrast
1. Press the Applications button .
2. Select Preferences. (Use the Navigation bar and round Select button to scroll
and select.)
3. Select Contrast.
4. Press the Navigation bar up or down.
5. Press the Save softkey.

Where are my softkeys?
Four softkeys buttons are located below the phone screen.

You can press the more softkey (when available) to reveal additional softkeys.

How do I scroll in a list or menu?
Press the up or down arrows on the Navigation bar.

A scroll bar on the screen indicates your relative position within in a list.

How do I select an item in a list or menu?
With the item highlighted, press the Select button in the middle of the
Navigation bar.

Or, use your keypad to enter the corresponding item number.

How do I quickly exit a menu?
To close a menu from any level, press the corresponding feature button.
For example, press the Applications button to close the Applications menu.

To go back one level in a menu, press the Exit or Back softkey.
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