VPN on iOS

How to connect VPN on iOS:

  • Download and install “OpenVPN Connect” App from App Store.

  • Normally the download file will save in “Files”. Go to “Files” and select AIT_Net_vpn_ac_th.ovpn to open.

  • Press Share icon then choose OpenVPN to open VPN profile.

  • Press “ADD” to add AIT VPN profile.

  • Type your AIT username then press “ADD”.

  • Press “Allow” to allow OpenVPN to add VPN configurations on you phone. Then enter your device passcode.


  • To connect to VPN press the button to turn on VPN connection.

  • Type your AIT password then press “OK”.

  • Your VPN are connected.

  • To disconnect, press the green button then press “OK”.

  • You already disconnected.