Q: Unrestricted Internet Access for AIT residents (UIA)
A: Introduction to the UIA scheme for AIT campus residents.
RATIONALE The Internet is essential to a modern campus for access to scientific and academic material. It is also essential to modern day life, providing a gateway to myriad activities such as entertainment, games, and social networks. AIT provides Internet access for academic and supportive use throughout the campus, in academic buildings as well as in residential areas. However, access to non-academic resources on any large scale cannot be supported by the Institute as that would be against the goals of an academic institute and, in particular, those of our donors. How To Create AIT Guest Account:Nevertheless, there is an undoubted need of AIT campus residents for completely open access to the internet, not necessarily restricted to academics, during the non-work leisure part of their day. To provide such access the IT Committee has developed the Unrestricted Internet Access for AIT residents (UIA) scheme. Under this scheme, the Institute will purchase a large bulk of bandwidth from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which then will be split into two parts: one for academic use from campus offices, classrooms and laboratories, and the other for unrestricted (UIA) use from campus residences.

The Institute shall pay for the academic part while the UIA part is to be covered by user subscriptions. For technical and financial reasons user subscription cannot be made optional – it is to be a mandatory utility fee for residents, the amount of the fee depending on user type.
Things To Remember While Using UIA Services:
1. UIA Services are on Only Available on LAN and not on Wi-Fi.
2. Daily Download and upload limits is 5 GB.
3. Prohibit the Use of P2P apps like Mu Torrent etc.
4. Remember to Disable Wi-Fi adapter on Laptop before connecting to LAN.

For More Information on UIA Services.
Please Visit Us @ http://www.ait.ac.th/it_committee/uia/unrestricted-internet-acess-for-ait-residets-uia?searchterm=uia